Sides is synonymous with international high-quality food brands. Since its formation in the 1950’s , Sides has become one of the leading companies for import, marketing and distribution in Israel. The company represents some of the best brands in the world, and the stamp of “Sides” on the packages guarantees a high standard of quality and uncompromised reliability.


The history of Sides began over 70 years ago when food wholesaler Moshe Sides began selling brands of international sweets in his Tel Aviv store. His son, Dany Sides, brought fresh inspiration to the business and led it forward to become an importer, marketer and distributor of world leading quality brands in Israel.

Only the Best!

Sides consistently maintained its values along the way – representing only quality leading brands and bringing them to the market under optimal conditions. That is how Sides gained its reputation as a strong, reliable and professional company.

Sides currently represents leading companies in the international food & beverage industry such as Lindt, Corny, Twinings, Caprice, Terra, Haribo, Davidoff and many others.

Sides remained a family based company with a one stop shop approach. The company implements innovative technology, modern and improved data processing units and advanced control systems.
The company’s professionalism is expressed through the overall services which are available under the Sides organization. Deep knowledge of the import process, international and local standards as well as the efficient management of kosher certificates, Top line logistic services that include large storage areas with temperature and humidity control, a temperature controlled truck fleet as well as co-packing services, In-house team of highly professional sales representatives and merchandizing staff.

Still, Sides is much more than a professional company for import and distribution services. The company excels in a true understanding of brands and in the ability to build inclusive marketing solutions.

This, of course, is coordinated with the principals’ demands, and the Israeli market’s requirements.

As a result, Sides stands today at the forefront of marketing in Israel, with premium products and global brands. This is how it works when you learn from the world’s best!

Our philosophy

High quality is what makes the difference!

Our mission

To offer a better alternative!
Products and service with a meaningful and true value.

Our guiding values

Quality – we strive for high quality in everything we do: choosing products, service, conducting ourselves and our organizational culture.
Fairness - we offer a true value which justifies the price.
Authenticity - we aspire to provide only the best directly from its origin.
Selectivity – choosing only the best quality brands from anywhere in the world.

Our promise

Sides - Only the Best!

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