Privacy Policy


1. M. Sides & Son Ltd. (“Sides”) respects the privacy of the users of its website located at (“the website”). 

2. This privacy policy outlines how we collect and use information about users as part of the services we provide through the website.

3. We value your privacy and are committed to acting in accordance with this privacy policy and relevant laws, including the Israeli’s Privacy Protection Law of 1981. By using the website, including its services and content, you indicate your agreement to this privacy policy.

Providing information to the website

4. The information on the website is collected when users voluntarily submit their data while contacting the company.

5. When contacting Sides through the website, it is necessary to provide certain details to respond to your inquiry. When contacting us, you will be prompted to provide identifying information such as a phone number, email address, etc. Failure to provide the required information in the mandatory fields will prevent you from accessing website services that require this information. If you are contacting us regarding a purchased product, you will be asked to provide details such as the product’s barcode and the store where it was purchased.

6. When contacting us, it is important to provide accurate information and refrain from disclosing personal data about third parties unless you have obtained their consent, or you have been specifically asked to provide details about the store where the product was purchased.

7. Please note that providing information is not legally mandatory. We will retain the information, including the content of the communications, for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes permitted by law and outlined in this privacy policy.

The Use of the Information 

8. The information you provide on the website when contacting us regarding any matter will be stored in Sides’ database.

9. By using the website or consenting to the collection of information as per the terms of the privacy policy, you agree that your details will be stored and managed in Sides’s database.

10. The information in the database will be utilized for the following purposes:

10.1. Costumer service, which includes sending product catalogs, processing gift package purchases, and responding to inquiries.

10.2. Analysis and improvement of the company’s services and the content offered on the website.

10.3. Marketing and advertising material.

Google Analytics

11. The website utilizes the Google Analytics tool, which is designed to monitor actions anonymously and collect information such as the frequency of website usage and user visits to other websites. This information is gathered to enhance the website’s functionality and user experience. We do not use this information to identify you, nor do we combine it with any personal information you have provided in your inquiries.

12. It is important to note that the information collected about you through Google Analytics is governed by Google’s terms of service and privacy policy, which can be found at the following links:

13. Google provides an option to prevent the use of your data by Google Analytics. If you wish to do so, you can install the “Google Analytics opt-out add-on” by visiting the following address:

Marketing and advertising material 

14. The details you provide when contacting us through the website may be used for marketing and advertising material.

15. With your consent, we may include you in our distribution list to receive through various means of communication, including email, SMS messages, or WhatsApp. Your consent can be given by checking the box provided on the application form.

16. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list at any time, you can request to do so by contacting us through the “Contact us” tab on our website.

Third parties

17. The company will not disclose users’ identifying information to third parties without their explicit consent, except as stated in this privacy policy. However, the company may transfer collected user information under the following circumstances:

17.1. In response to a legal requirement, court order, or directive from a competent authority.

17.2. With the users’ consent or in accordance with their instructions.

17.3. In cases of legal disputes or conflicts with the user.

17.4. In the event of a change in the company’s ownership through sale, merger, or dissolution. In such cases, the company may transfer the accumulated information and any other relevant assets to the involved party.

Data security

18. Sides employs information security measures to safeguard the data stored in the database in compliance with legal requirements. 

19. While Sides implements security measures as mandated by law, it cannot guarantee complete protection of the database and prevent unauthorized access to its stored content. Therefore, Sides does not provide a guarantee that the information within the database will be entirely immune to unauthorized access.

The Right to Review and Correct Information

20. Subject to the law, you have the right to contact us and request a review of the information that the company has stored about you. If you discover that the information, we have on record about you is incorrect, you have the right to request its correction or deletion. When submitting your request, please provide the necessary identification information as requested, which will help us properly identify you and process your request accurately.

Changes to the Privacy Policy 

21. We reserve the right to modify the provisions of the privacy policy periodically, and we recommend that you review our privacy policy whenever you visit the website. By using the website, you acknowledge and agree to the privacy policy, including any updates or modifications made to it. In the event of significant changes to the privacy policy, we will provide advance notice on the website. The revised policy will take effect after the specified notice period. If amendments to the privacy policy are made in compliance with legal requirements, they will take effect as mandated by law or immediately if Sides is obligated to do so, without prior notice.

Contact us

22. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us by visiting the website and using the “Contact us” tab.